Welcome! Glad you stopped by. I live in Houston, Texas, and write for the teen/young adult market.   My debut novel, Secrets, is  full of mystery,  humor, and suspense.   Although fiction, the  novel is different from the day to day,  usual entertainment choices. The coming of age protagonist, lAdy, faces today's teen challenges with poise and a sense of determination to rise above  horrendous circumstances, and  overcome killer family secrets.

I'm inspired by children and families: How they grow, live, work, and play. and intrigued by the books teens/young adults read: the dystopian, sci-fi, magical, sports, and teen love.  

My degrees are in English and History.  When not writing, I enjoy reading, cooking, walking on the beach, and substitute teaching  teens.  Take a trip around this site. Check out my  full author bio and Kat's Chat.  And enjoy Secrets.

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